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*corresponding authors; ** these authors have contributed equally to the work​

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Book Chapters

(1)     Maurizi L, Papa AL, Boudon J, Sudhakaran S, Pruvot B, Vandroux D, Chluba J, Lizard G, Millot N. Toxicological Risk Assessment of Emerging Nanomaterials: Cytotoxicity, Cellular Uptake, Effects on Biogenesis and Cell Organelle Activity, Acute Toxicity and Biodistribution of Oxide Nanoparticles. Unraveling the Safety Profile of Nanoscale Particles and Materials-From Biomedical to Environmental Applications. 2018;InTech.

(2)     Boudon J, Papa A-L, Paris J, Millot N. Titanate nanotubes as a versatile platform for nanomedicine. Nanomedicine. 2014;One Central Press:404-29.

(3)     Boudon J, Sallem F, Loiseau A, Maurizi L, Papa A.-L., Millot N, Development of novel versatile theranostic platforms based on titanate nanotubes: towards safe nanocarriers for biomedical applications, 2021.

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